Our fleet - EOS 200L

Nr 4 – EOS 200L – 56 places

This Belgian-built coach offers 55 seats plus the hostess seat besides the driver, in a 3 star configuration.  The reclinable seats are all fitted with safety belt, small foldable table and newspaper net, air conditioning (with individual outlets) and reading lamp. There is a radio with a 10 CD charger and 2 microphones (1 for the hostess/guide, 1 for the driver), a dvd player with 2 screens, a fridge, a water boiler and a 220V installation. Finally, there is a huge luggage compartment.

Moreover, the seat layout can be adapted. We can provide 49 seats in a 4 star configuration or even 36 seats in Royal Class configuration. Royal Class offers a seat pitch of at least 95cm (instead of 83cm in 4 star and 77cm in 3 star), a bigger (tilting) back rest and a leg support.

To see a pictures of a Royal Class seat, click here